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     Cate Alston is an NYC-based Actress who recently graduated from the University at Albany where she earned a B.A in Theatre and Psychology. During her time at UAlbany, Cate performed as integral characters in numerous main-stage productions, such as Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 2020) and Esther Mills (Intimate Apparel - 2019).


       Most recently, she was Abby Carmichael in WAM Theatre's production of Cadillac Crew by Tori Sampson. In an interview with Kate Abbott of BTW Berkshires & Hill Country Observer, Abbott writes "Abby wants it all, Alston said – and there are no models for her, in her time and place, in the 1960s. She’s not following any rules. She’s young, full of energy, and laughing. And at the same time, she knows the dangers of the work they are doing." 

     Cate’s earlier education includes extensive training from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, where she worked with Meisner-descended professors, such as Gary Kingston. She also attended Talent Unlimited High School, where she studied musical theatre.


     In addition to her acting work, Cate discovered her passion for Costume Design at UAlbany, where she worked on several department-curated and independent projects. This has led to several design opportunities for Columbia University, The New School, and Silverthorne Theatre Company, to name a few. To view her design work, please visit


     For pleasure, Cate enjoys immersing herself in different cultures through travel. Past trips she's organized have been to Canada, England, and France. Cate looks forward to expanding her travels to countries, such as Morocco, India, and the Netherlands.


    Since 2021, Cate has had the pleasure of exploring her industry by working as an actor and costume designer in and around New York City. She's grateful to be home again, doing what she loves.   







My initial attraction to theatre was the freedom it gave me. I was able to transform onstage, which was something I couldn’t do in my everyday life. It was exhilarating. I still enjoy this aspect of theatre but as I have matured, I acknowledge the greater responsibility that theatre brings to the world. I believe the point of theatre has always been to reflect the human experience, but its social and political influence is what anchored me to the art form.

My work centers on navigating the relationship between people, unpacking, repacking, and sharing the experiences we accumulate from life. With this transient lifetime, I choose to live with empathy, take care of people, and build connections.

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